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[Closed] How to post a bug report  

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To get the quickest solution, please follow the below guidelines when posting bug reports.

Create a codepen by modifying this codepen to demonstrate the problem clearly. Just fork it and paste the resulting codepen in your issue. Please make sure this is a minimal example, containing only the minimum necessary code to help us troubleshoot your problem. Issues/bug reports without reproducible example will be given the least priority, so make sure you include one.

If you are using Vue-apexcharts, and want to create a demo in the Vue environment, use CodeSandbox Vue template.

If you are using react-apexcharts, and want to create a demo in the React environment, use CodeSandbox React template


  • What is the behavior you expect?
  • What is happening instead?
  • What error message are you getting?
Posted : 23/01/2020 7:22 am