Powerful data grid for your applications

Apex Grid is a free JavaScript grid that gives you all the core features that you need to deliver beautiful data grid / data table experience in your apps. Designed for performance and beauty, the Apex Grid will work in any framework, on any platform.

Performance Built In

Row-level virtualization allows you to render unlimited amounts of data with smooth scrolling

Automatic Column Types

Column types in our open-source data grid are automatically generated based on your data source with built-in filtering based on column type.


Custom Column Templates

Deliver any type of UX with column templates. Anything you imagine can render in a grid column!


Interactive Features

All the core interactive features your users expect, like column filtering, column hiding, column resizing, columns sorting, and more!


Beautiful UX & Branding

Built-in theme support for Bootstrap, Material & Fluent, plus endless branding options in color palettes, fonts, elevation, display density & more.


Rich Keyboard Navigation

Full Excel-style keyboard navigation gives user the experience they expect with high-performance keyboard navigation.

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