Comparison Table

The below table tries to provide an illustration of the similarities/differences among different JavaScript Charting libraries available.

ApexCharts Chart.js HighCharts C3 echarts
Graphic Type SVG Canvas SVG SVG Canvas
Dependency chartjs-colormoment D3 zrender  
Chart Types 12+ 8+ 38+ 11+ 18+
npm weekly Downloads 18k 550k 268k 50k 109k
Github Stars 6.3k 43.7k 8.7k 8.4k 34.5k
Size (minified) 435KB 211KB 199KB 201KB + 227KB(d3) 730KB
Documentation Good Confusing Good Good Poor English translations
Since 2018 2013 2010 2014 2013
License MIT MIT Commercial (Free for personal use)   MIT   BSD 3 Clause
  * The above data is taken on 31st May, 2019