Update Charts from JSON API & AJAX

A guide on how to update the charts from JSON API & AJAX

In many cases, you might not have the data available immediately when rendering a page. Or, you might have to wait for certain user interactions before the data can be fetched. In such cases, it is a good idea to render an empty chart initially and then fetch chart data via AJAX request.

In this tutorial, we will see how to use different methods of fetching data using jQuery/Axios and then calling updateSeries method of ApexCharts.

Sample Data

We will use the sample data from a local JSON file located on the GitHub repo

The sample data will be in the following format:

"data": [
    "x": timestamp,
    "y": value
    "x": timestamp,
    "y": value

Draw an empty chart

Initially, we will set up the chart options and render a chart without supplying any data. You can see in the code snippet below that we have provided an empty array in the series property.

var options = {
  chart: {
      height: 350,
      type: 'bar',
  dataLabels: {
      enabled: false
  series: [],
  title: {
      text: 'Ajax Example',
  noData: {
    text: 'Loading...'

var chart = new ApexCharts(


Once you run the above code snippet, you will see an empty chart as shown below with a text Loading... in the center. This text is customizable and can be changed by setting the noData property.


Get data with jQuery.getJSON

We will make an AJAX request by calling the getJSON method of jQuery.

var url = 'http://my-json-server.typicode.com/apexcharts/apexcharts.js/yearly';

$.getJSON(url, function(response) {
    name: 'Sales',
    data: response

The above implementation specifies a success handler in which we get our response from the API. We supply the returned data from the success callback and call the updateSeries() method to update our chart.

Once the data is fetched from API, you should see the following chart with the new data.

column chart

Get data with axios

We will also illustrate making an AJAX request with axios and calling updateSeries after getting the data from API.

var url = 'http://my-json-server.typicode.com/apexcharts/apexcharts.js/yearly';

  method: 'GET',
  url: url,
}).then(function(response) {
    name: 'Sales',
    data: response.data

When you make a request, Axios returns a promise that will resolve to a response object if successful. The then() callback will receive a response object with the data property. Use this to inject it into the updateSeries() method.

To summarize, in order to create dynamic charts using JSON data, all you need to do is render an empty chart initially and then call the updateSeries method.

View full example

You can view the full example in the samples directory on the GitHub repo.

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